2020 Insight Consulting & Marketing | Training & Webinar
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Training & Webinar

Our video training and webinars are designed to meet your needs regardless of the size of your company.

How do we extract insight from data?

Business executives and leaders needs to self-educate in order to make the most out of the increasing quantity of data available to them, and must apply insight to plan better data strategies.

Interpreting data requires context therefore data doesn’t create meaning, we do!

We assess and prioritize  the burning questions of your business, that is, problems needing to get address, then we gather the available data (from multiple sources), analyze it and make recommendations for action.

In short, the key business questions leads to data to analyze to insight to decisions!

How can we use data in a manner that gains and maintains customer trust?

We do this by leveraging the insights from the data to …

  • Increase customer service
  • build loyalty and repeat business

Past Webinar: Aligning Data Talent With Your Analytics Needs, August 12, 2015

Data & Analytics is becoming increasingly important for the success of business

Analytics is helping to disrupt and revolutionize how businesses reach their customers, find and keep talent, and how they get a return on their talent; just to name a few. Knowing what to do with the data is one thing, having the right talent to make sense of the data is equally as important, if not more.

Data Scientists, Big Data Developers, Analytics Officers, are a few examples of the talent that are needed and what LinkedIn identifies as the hottest roles in the industry right now. To maximize your data, you need the right people and tools to dig, analyze and provide insights for your business and its future.

We’ll explore the answers to:
• Where are you along the analytics continuum?
• Do you have a plan to getting the most out of your mountain of data?
• Do you know what questions you want to answer and what metrics will drive the answers?
• Have you ever had trouble with finding the right talent for your data analytics objective or initiative?
• Where do you go for help?


Our webinars are designed to help you with your analytics need no matter where you are along the analytics continuum