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A Maintenance Solution For Your WordPress Website

Our on going website maintenance packages for wordpress websites help keep your website running smoothly. If something goes wrong, we are here to make it right but more importantly, we preempt issues by doing regular updates and back-ups depending on your selected option, we can add pages, enhance features, install plug-ins, and more to help ensure your  website runs at peak capacity. How your WordPress Website is maintained can heavily your website success and we want your website to achieve its full potential.

Which Support Option is Right for You?

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Why should you choose one a WordPress Maintenance Packages?

  • With any website, technical issues come up. Having an ongoing maintenance contract helps prevent problems, or gets them fixed in a timely manner.
  • We make your support issue a top priority when you are on a maintenance contract.
  • Our packages are priced according to the number of support and maintenance hours you choose per month.
  • Like having regular checkups at your auto mechanic to ensure your vehicle stays in good working order and by having a maintenance contract your site is continually reviewed. We will always examine your site for any bugs or errors, saving you from the fearful cost and worry of an “emergency” situation and pay-as-you-go support.

Helping You Meet Your Goals

Your business will grow over time, and your website needs to grow with you. All support requests are responded to within a maximum of 48 hours. Usually you will receive a personal response within the same day that your request was submitted and the work is completed not too long after that. Given the unlimited possibilities available to WordPress websites, On-going Website Maintenance is simply smart business.