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About 2020ic

About Us

We are a trusted partner with wide-ranging service capabilities. Our core competencies include business consultancy and design that drive digital and data-driven solutions. Our process and industry expertise together with our Analytics and Insight Capabilities and comprehensive technology knowledge all contributes to our ability to implement solutions that deliver business value.

We help companies like your to increase their online presence and take your business to the next level by leveraging your business data to help make better business decisions through insight and foresight analysis. If you need top  talent to get the job done, we can help.

Have you calculated the opportunity cost of:

  1. Poor / Low web engagement (your website, digital marketing, social media, etc.)
  2. Loss business or opportunity right there in your data?
  3. Not having the right technology or people resource (talent)

We can help.

It doesn’t matter if your business is products and services or bricks and mortar or is  online. We have the expertise, skills and tools you need to turn your business problems into business insights.

Online Enablement & Engagement

We will help you with Website designing and development, content management, Mobile application development, Solutions consulting, Creative Designing, Online Branding, SEO Services and or legacy application up gradations and maintenance.

Whether your are just start online or looking to move to the next level for a wider online customer base, we can help.

Data Assets

Whether your data is stored on site or in the cloud or both, it can quickly inundate with massive amounts of information. Social media, intranet collaboration systems and other data sources pose big challenges. But the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of Big data can also be a huge corporate asset that you must exploit in order to thrive.

We have the expertise, skills and tools you need to turn your business problems into business insights.

Data & Analytics is becoming increasingly important for the success of business. Business analytics is helping to disrupt and revolutionize how businesses reach their customers, find and keep talent, and how they get a return on their talent; just to name a few. Knowing what to do with the data is one thing, having the right people and resources to make sense of the data is equally as important, if not more.  We can help.

Talent & Resources

Data Scientists, Big Data Developers, Analytics Officers, are a few examples of the talent that are needed.To maximize your data, you need the right people and tools to dig, analyze and provide insights for your business and its future.

We’ll explore the answers to:
• Where are you along the analytics continuum?
• Do you have a plan to getting the most out of your mountain of data?
• Do you know what questions you want to answer and what metrics will drive the answers?
• Have you ever had trouble with finding the right resource for your data analytics objective or initiative?
• Where do you go for help? We can help.

Our business has already benefited from your services.

Here is what our customers are saying …

The knowledge and experience of 20/20 Insight Consulting is first rate. They have helped me with excellence.